Freshers Fashion Must Haves

Essential fashion items for Freshers:

1. A hoody.
Be it an official hoody from your University, or that old favourite you always grab when walking out the door your chosen hoody will be like your new best friend whilst at Uni. The fleecier, the bigger, the softer… the better.

2. A huge winter coat.
Picture this: you’ve just walked out of the door, bleary-eyed, not quite sure if you’re walking in a straight line (possibly hungover) heading towards the bus stop/ train station/ campus and that all too familiar winter chill we Brits know so well hits you like a hole in the head. What’s the first thing you’ll be wanting? Well, your duvet probably. However unless you want to drag your duvet around with you everywhere you go a great substitute is a huge, thick winter coat to wrap around you during those cold times you spend waiting around for your transport to arrive.

3. Any comfortable shoe. (Preferably not Uggs)
Though this one is mostly a self explanatory and fairly obvious fashion item it’s still important to mention that during Uni you will be doing a heck of a lot more walking; to and from lectures, to and from the bus stop/ train station, up and down countless steps and stairways. Hence, your choice of shoe is going to be important. Any kind of plimsoll (think Converse, Vans, Primark knock-offs etc.) is ideal and will go with any outfit. However, please, no matter how tempting it may be to grab them from the back of your wardrobe… Do not. I repeat: do not go for your Uggs. Think soggy shoes, wet feet and just general miserableness and this will be your fate if you decide to go for them.

4. An oversized bag
Be it a satchel, a shoulder bag or a shopper bag, no matter what you want to choose one with loads of space and pockets inside for throwing in all your pens, random sheets and folders last minute without having to worry about organising it all neatly so it will fit.
Note: (Take it from my previous experience) – Go for one with sturdy, thick straps and a zip lock. Last thing you need is all your stuff falling out  or your strap breaking when it gets caught as you’re stepping out of the train. Not good. Really not good.

5. A final and general note.
As the weeks go by at Uni I can almost guarantee that you’ll care less and less about what you actually wear, and more about how you feel. Comfort is key at Uni so try and have items you can just grab-and-go. Over-size jumpers, jeans, wooly scarves and t-shirts are the way to go.


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