The Big Tartan Trend


Personally I love this trend, (possibly due to my being part Scottish) and have happily decided to jump on the tartan bandwagon, immersing myself in the checkered print for Winter.

If you like the trend too, but don’t fancy stepping out of the house looking like you’ve just walked off the set of Braveheart, you can easily incorporate the pattern into your wardrobe in a much more subtle way. Here’s a few ideas:

You will find tartan scarves in shops almost everywhere. However, they can range anywhere from £10-£30+ so I would recommend you checking out eBay to try and grab a bargain!
(Yes, you can even get tartan shoes! If you don’t believe me, try ASOS)
Image 1 of Mango Tartan Heeled Shoes


If you’re still stuck for inspiration, try a quick Google of tartan, and fill your world with this great pattern.


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