Employability & Enterprise Week – Second blog post

On the 19th of November, I went to my second talk of E & E week. The main part of the talk, ‘Journalism: Why work for someone else when you can start your own company’ was given by Simon Wilkes, Managing Editor for SJ Wilkes Media Ltd.

SJ Wilkes Media was set up by Simon himself, after he came to realise that there was a gap in the market for businesses offering services of helping companies promote themselves via Social Media. Wanting to take advantage of this, and after having acquired the knowledge of how to do this over the course of his career, Simon set up his own company.

Simon gave us a brief background on his career, and how he got to where he is today. Originally, Simon studied a journalism degree at Uni, specialising in print journalism. He then decided that he wanted to be a sports journalist and after working a variety of jobs including becoming Telextext Sport Deputy Editor, Simon found himself working as Production Editor for Skysports.com. In 2014 he turned down a Sky Sports job offer based in London to set up his own company.

The main tips that Simon wanted to emphasise in terms of setting up your own company were:
-Be versatile and able to do things other than what you specialise in
  -Work placements are vital
Find a USP (Unique Selling Point) – Look for something that doesn’t exist
-Look for gaps in the current market, ‘keep up with the times’
-Many companies (surprisingly even large corporations) want to employ heads of social media because they’re not sure how it works

Thanks Simon for the excellent tips! You can check out his website here and also find him on LinkedIn here.

(On a side note – some interesting questions were raised in the talk – the one causing the most debate being ‘Will print ever die out?’ Personally, I feel it may die down, of course due to the increase in online resources however I don’t feel it will ever fully die out. It’s been such an important part of the media for so long, and is still a great way of putting information and advertisements out there that I think it’s always going to be present in the coming future. What are your opinions on this? Let me know!)


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